Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Information universe

When I facing some problem, needed to find some information
If the problem is related with academic the star plus is my first choice.
  • all the information is academic view, so it is helpful with my personal work
  • the most important thing is that the article are all free to view
  • I get used to this method
  • have textbook, paper, many different sources 
  • ask tutor
  • qustionair
  • policy document, report
If the problem is related with general problem, maybe interesting to something.
  • the first thing came up in my mind is GOOGLE. Normally, I think about the keywords
  • some mobile apps on my phone e.g. national rail, Isheffield
  • ask someone focus on that area
  • face to face
I think this would be all the method I needed.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Information Universe--Wanqiao Li

The task of this week is thinking and identifying the different types of sources of information found. When I prepared for my essays and projects, I needed to work on different types of information sources.

I would like to take a example of one of my academic projects concerned the usage of RFID technology in METRO GROUP. I gathered a great deal of information as follows:

e.g. Q: How RFID technology works?
        A: I watched a video and browsed official website of METRO GROUP.

e.g. Q: What is advantages of using RFID technology?
        A: I did a research on a report of changes of working time and profits. I analyzed and concluded by myself.

3. INFORMATION TYPE: ask experts
e.g. Q: What is disadvantages of RFID technology?
        A: I asked a professor who focused on RFID technology.

4. INFORMATION TYPE: questionnaire
e.g. Q: The general view of using RFID technology.
        A: I asked many customers some questions that I wrote on papers.

These are some information types I used in one of my projects. But whatever the way we gathered information is to powerfully support our viewpoints.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Our team’s strongest Pillars

Our strongest pillars is plan. For exmple, we are able to use our Starplus and googlescholar to seeking acdamic resources. This stated we can choosing the appropriate method to find the information, saving time and accuratcy
Hi, there! it's really awesome to work with you guys!
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